Below you will see Metropark's price list for all our services offered

Hourly Parking
8€ for the first hour and 1€ for every extra hour

Monthly Car Park
190€ per month
210€ per month for the SUV type cars

Daily Use of a Parking Space
15€ per day use

Night Drop*
18€ per night drop

* If you use our night drop service, Metropark offers you the possibility to take your car out on Sunday, in case you need to leave Athens.


"Monday to Friday" offer
Visit the city center every day of the week and enjoy the offers of Metropark. Conduct business in public services, banks, organizations or anything else stress free and without calculating how much it will cost you to park your car. Have a look at our two offers below and prepare your next visit to Athens center.

Only 10€ for 3 or more hours of parking between 7h30am-14h00pm. For every extra hour after 14h00pm cost is 1€ per hour.
Only 10€ for 3 or more hours of parking between 14h00pm-22h00pm.

"Saturday shopping" offer
The center of Athens blends extensive shopping, a wide variety of cafes and restaurants, museums and archaeological sites, theaters, walkways and a bunch of hidden corners with cultural treasures. Do your shopping and your ride comfortable and stress free, while having parked your car at Metropark.

Fixed 10€ price and you may park your car for more than 3 hours on Saturday.